Nov 2016

5 Things To Remember When Branding Your Restaurant

  • By Ribbon
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Foodies in Dubai are always on the lookout for happening restaurants and food joints. And with the vast and ever-growing restaurant scene in Dubai, diners have become spoilt for choice.

If there’s one thing that most restaurateurs have figured out about the key to stay successful in the restaurant industry is that -It’s all about the “Branding”!

Branding helps your restaurant stand out, and it’s what restaurants use as leverage to stay ahead of their competitors. Here are some steps you can take while branding your restaurant:

1) Create a unique identity: What’s your restaurant’s speciality? How do you want your restaurant to be perceived? The questions may be endless, but the answer lies in the identity you create for your restaurant. A unique identity involves creating the name, designing the logo and setting the theme of your restaurant.
How you position your restaurant is also integral to creating your unique identity. It lets you tell your diners what kind of restaurant you are running and what service they can expect from your restaurant.

2) Know the competition: Before you set up your restaurant, make sure to know what you’re up against. Especially if your competition is also offering the same cuisine as you. It’s essential that you restaurant is different from your competitor’s in terms of pricing, the theme and the message you’re putting out to attract more diners. Any similarities in those points between your restaurant and your competitors can put your restaurant in a tough spot.

3) Develop your restaurant’s look: How a restaurant presents itself is also vital to the number of diners it can attract. Look for new and upcoming trends, check for what works and what doesn’t when you’re setting up the look of your restaurant. This will enable more diners relate to the ambience you’re setting in the restaurant, and would love to visit your restaurant again.

4) Maintain consistency: Be consistent in terms of the way you have branded your restaurant and how you’re marketing it. It’s also important that you maintain that consistency in your branding and marketing or else you risk your brand’s message to be lost among the various marketing messages of other restaurants.

5) Go social: Extend your restaurant’s branding online too with the help of social media. This is where your customers would check first, before deciding to visit your restaurant. A Facebook page or an Instagram account where you post all the food pictures and exciting happenings in your restaurant will draw in more diners, and create a sense of familiarity among first-time diners.

Branding plays an important role, but without the right product and service, your brand won’t get you very far, especially if you want to set your restaurant brand as one of the best restaurants in Dubai.

At Ribbon, we can provide you with personalized consulting and management services, to ensure a specialized branding strategy for a successful restaurant business, anywhere in Dubai.

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