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Ribbon is a bespoke hospitality solutions provider to trendsetting corporations and elite investors. We offer turnkey restaurant consulting and management services to establish unique and profitable businesses.

Our tailored services range from developing a solid restaurant business plan and feasibility to concept development and project execution. We also provide on-going management and audit services.

From the inception of an idea, we provide valuable insight and advice in paving the way forward. We take ownership of the project and execute the assignment with precision, using the most valuable resources available within our network.

We have over 25 years of hands-on global experience in delivering a comprehensive suite of restaurant consulting services to corporate clients and individuals, across the Middle East and India.

Our team is a diverse, talented, meticulous, and enthusiastic group of individuals. We provide hands on services to all our clients and are genuinely committed to expanding our perspective and yours. Our mantra

"Passion and Possibilities"

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