Dec 2016

Top Tips To Help Your Restaurant ‘GO GREEN’

  • By Ribbon
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With global warming and the many climate changes affecting the world around us, the highest priority for all of us as responsible individuals is to “Go Green”. Many restaurant businesses in Dubai have already started to adopt environmental-friendly practices in order to reduce their negative impact on their surroundings. While they have taken steps in the right direction, it’s about time that your restaurant should consider doing this, too.

Apart from all the good that you would do for the environment by going green, you will help to create a positive image for your restaurant in the minds of the environment-conscious diners as well. Follow these simple tips that will help you lead your restaurant towards a brighter and ‘greener’ future:

1) Try composting: By composting, you’re actually reducing the amount of waste that will end up in the landfills. Especially when it comes to plant waste, which releases harmful carbon and methane gases in the process of decomposing. In this way, not only are you cutting costs by reducing the amount of waste to be disposed, you’re actually benefitting the environment in the process.

2) Switch to recycled paper: Most restaurants offer their take-out food in styrofoam boxes which does not biodegrade and is harmful to the environment. It’s much better if you switch to recycled paper or a biodegradable material, which is much safer. You could also print your restaurant’s menu card on recycled paper rather than overspending your funds on expensive paper.

3) Buy locally grown produce: Instead of wasting loads of money to transport ingredients from another country, why not buy local? Get in touch with your local farmer to see if he provides the special ingredients that you need. This will help to reduce your Carbon Footprint.

4) Use clean chemicals: Switch to non-toxic chemicals, as they don’t harm your local water bodies with leftover residue. It’s important to keep the water bodies free from harmful chemicals to protect our ecosystem.

5) Recycle and reuse: Recycling is perhaps the most widely followed practice in terms of environment protection. It is also the most effective practice till date. The big question is what to recycle and how? Plastics, but before you recycle them, check for their numbering and separately recycle them.

With Christmas around the corner, what better way to celebrate, than by making sure your restaurant chooses to ‘go green’. It’s good for the environment and will surely help your restaurant in the long run. Especially, considering that you aspire to be among some of the best restaurants in Dubai.

At Ribbon, we provide you with personalized consulting and management services, to help you create a globally conscious and Environment friendly restaurant business, anywhere in Dubai.


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