Jan 2017

Things To Remember While Hiring Staff For Your Restaurant

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Hiring staff is a tedious processes when opening a restaurant in Dubai. While finding great staff for your restaurant is important, the real challenge is retaining them. This is mostly due to the high staff turnover, however, this shouldn’t be a deterrent for you to find staff for your restaurant.

Before you start looking for new staff for your restaurant, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. Here are some key pointers to help you find that ideal staff for your restaurant:

1) Structure your interview: As a restaurant owner / manager, you will find yourself conducting dozens of interviews in a month. This is standard for almost every restaurant looking for new staff. To ensure that the interview you conduct is productive, you need to maintain a proper structure of conducting the interview and also follow-up with post-interview procedures.

2) Use references and on the job assessments: The first interview lets you know where the applicant stands in terms of work and competency. Whereas references help support any claim made by the applicant. You should also consider conducting ‘on the job assessments’, to know whether the applicant you’re looking to hire fits the working atmosphere of your restaurant.

3) Teach skills and manage attitudes: Sometimes the desired candidate you’re looking for may not carry all the required skills, but showcase the right attitude and work ethic that you expect from him. Do remember that skills can be taught, but you cannot change certain personality traits.

4) Use marketing approach for hiring: When you’re hiring new staff, the reason to hire shouldn’t be because you need to fill a vacancy. Maintain a database of suitable candidates at all times. In doing so, you won’t have to rush the whole process of hiring when a member of staff leaves without notice; one can simply select from the shortlisted database.

When you’re finalizing the staff to join your restaurant’s team, make sure that they fit your restaurant’s work culture. This way your new staff will easily mix in with your old one and contribute positively from the get-go.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, since everyone can’t work like your restaurant’s star performer, they can still look up to him / her for guidance and mentoring.

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