May 2017

Increase Your Table Turnover In 5 Easy Steps

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One of the integral factors in running a successful restaurant business is to maintain a good table turnover. This can be achieved by a few simple steps and will ensure every customer’s experience is equally enjoyable and no customers are left waiting for their table for abysmally long periods. It is instances such as these that affect the restaurant’s ability to retain existing and attract new customers.

The following steps can be taken at the stage of setting up the restaurant, to help increase your table turnover:

1. Refrain from explaining the menu to repeat customers: Avoid repeating the details of the menu or ordering process to your regular customers. Unless there is a new dish being introduced, allow the customers to decide what they want from the menu. This will help cut down the additional time it takes your servers to take an order.

2. Avoid reservations during peak hours: Avoid taking reservations during peak hours. While you may want potential diners to visit your restaurant on a busy day, turning them away due to the restaurant being fully booked may leave a negative impression. Furthermore, if someone decides to cancel their reservation, it will result in your restaurant losing potential sales, that otherwise, could be have been filled by diners who are waiting.

3.  Schedule your restaurant’s staff effectively: Managing your staff’s schedule well is a critical factor in ensuring operational efficiency which will in itself allow for rapid table turnover. A proper workflow combined with the right number of staff at the necessary stations will help reduce time wastage. In order to get a better understanding of the restaurant’s operation and handling of customers, try rotating their shifts in a way that the staff gets proper work exposure. Understand the day parts and volume of customers during each day part and schedule the staff accordingly.

4. Rearrange your dining area: An unfamiliar, yet effective way of increasing your table turnover, lies in the arrangement of your restaurant’s dining area. The way that your tables are arranged play a small but impactful role on how long the diners will stay at your restaurant. Normally, restaurants where more tables are placed in the center will see faster turnover, than those restaurants where more tables are placed in the corners, where diners tend to stay for longer duration.

5. Make use of technology: Technology can change the experience of the customer in a restaurant. If used correctly, technology can also help reduce the table turnover time. Especially in areas like seating and billing, that can help not only the customer, but the restaurant as well. It is advisable to invest in machines that can assist you or your servers in any way possible that will help increase sales and bring in more customers. Quick service always creates a positive impression in the minds of the diners.

For casual dining restaurants, quick table turnover helps generate more revenue. To get more advice on improving the quality and efficiency of your restaurant’s operations try reaching out to restaurant consultants in Dubai. They will provide you with personalized consulting management services, to help you strengthen your business further.

At Ribbon, we will help you map a foolproof plan on implementing the above to help increase your restaurant’s table turnover. Reach out to us at or give us a call on (971) 4360 5758, to set up the business plan for your restaurant.

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