Apr 2017

4 Ways To Deliver Excellent Customer Service At Your Restaurant

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If you are a part of the restaurant industry, you know how much customer service matters to your patrons for your restaurant’s business to be successful. It is a vital part of your business and not including it in your restaurant business plan could mean trouble for your restaurant. As such, it is highly recommended to define the steps or guidelines for customer service in your restaurant.

Here are four ways to deliver excellent customer service at your restaurant:

1. Allow customers to give feedback: After your customers have dined at your restaurant, especially if you are relatively new, offer them feedback forms where they can describe their overall dining experience. This will help you understand how good or bad your restaurant’s service was from the customer’s perspective. It will also create an impression in the minds of the customers that your restaurant values their opinion.

2. Prioritize every customer: Ensure that every customer or table is being served in a consistent manner. There should be no reason that one table receives a faster or better service than another, as customers do tend to notice such situations. It is the responsibility of the restaurant manager that servers divide their attention equally between their designated tables or areas. Furthermore, in case of unexpected delays servers should make sure that the diners are informed that their food may take longer than usual to prepare.

3. Train your staff: Your staff has to deal with various types of customers on any given day. This means they will have to face criticism as well as compliments from patrons. How the staff reacts to them will affect your restaurant’s brand image. Train your staff thoroughly on how to acknowledge different customers and handle complaints tactfully, without leaving any room for a negative impression of the restaurant in the customers’ minds.

4. Go beyond the norm: Customers dining at your restaurant expect good service and good food. It’s something that every restaurant should deliver. You should set your restaurant apart by offering services beyond the customer’s usual expectations. This involves offering your customer extra servings or meals on the go, getting their feedback on a new dish before officially adding it on the menu, and preparing customized meals for your most loyal patrons. Anything that goes above and beyond what your customers generally expect at your restaurant, is good for them and good for your restaurant.

Great customer service can generate a positive buzz about your restaurant through word-of-mouth. To get further insight into improving customer service at your restaurant you can always approach restaurant consultants in Dubai, like Ribbon, who will be willing to guide you during this phase.

At Ribbon, we provide you with personalized consulting and management services, to help you create a profitable restaurant business in Dubai. Reach out to us at info@ribbon-me.com or give us a call on (971) 4360 5758, for further assistance.

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