Sep 2021

Effective ways to expand your restaurant business

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Launching a food and beverage business requires a great deal of patience, planning, and execution. Even more challenging is sustaining and then further expanding the business without a well-thought-out plan, backed by extensive research and analysis and a team of experienced, trained professionals to ensure effective execution. We, as one of the leading restaurant consultants in Dubai, believe that no matter how difficult the task of expanding your restaurant business can be, it is never impossible. There are several effective ways to ensure that you expand your restaurant business successfully: 


1) Evaluate the success of your current restaurant model 

It is vital to evaluate the factors of success of your current business model to determine if it can be replicated elsewhere without making any major changes. If not, then a detailed study needs to be done to determine which factors need to be refined or further developed. A simple SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to start with can be useful in gauging the efficiency of the model and test its sustainability and scalability in a new location. 


2) Carry out extensive research and make a proper plan

The first step in considering new locations is conducting extensive market and on-ground research, to understand the dynamics of the location and your target audience. Based on that analysis, you will be able to understand what changes will need to be made in the current restaurant model to make it suitable for the new location. Research can be conducted via telephone interviews, focus group discussions, demographic surveys, on-site surveys and competitor analysis. 


3) Build a thorough financial plan for your new venture

As a reliable firm providing restaurant consulting services in Dubai for a long time, we firmly believe that expanding your restaurant business is almost like starting a new venture, and one of the major things that will determine its success is a thorough financial plan. So, build a financial plan for every new location considered for your restaurant’s expansion. There are many investors out there, but a solid financial plan that can grab the attention of angel investors is what you should aim for. Angel investors look for standardization, scalability, and quality, so make sure your plan covers these aspects in detail. 


4) Set up a central management system

Once you have started operating a new outlet at a new location, it would be harder to manage both efficiently. So, invest in a good central management system by using an ERP software that manages all aspects of your business without burdening you, ranging from hr functionality, inventory management, supply chain and recipe management. 


5) Provide your newly hired staff with proper training

Having a team of reliable staff helps in enhancing your brand image and customer trust significantly. Customers usually remember your restaurant not only based on the quality of the food but also how good the overall service and staff. So, make sure you have hired a reliable set of individuals and ensure they are well-trained about your food and your brand before you begin operations at your new restaurant. 


6) Always ensure quality and consistency in your offerings 

No matter how successful your first restaurant or outlet is, assuming your second one will automatically be a success can be a big mistake. You have to consistently make efforts to ensure that you deliver the same quality of food and maintain consistency in terms of flavours, which can be easily achieved with recipe standardization. These values shape and sustain your brand image, which is integral to your restaurant’s success. 

If you intend to expand your restaurant business, understand that multiple factors shape the success of a new branch. Being a leading restaurant consultant in Dubai, we assure you that by following the above guidelines you will be able to create a strong foundation that will enable your restaurant to succeed in the long run.

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