Jan 2019

How to Choose the Right POS System?

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One essential component that every restaurant needs is a Point of Sale (POS) system. A restaurant POS software manages billing, inventory management, invoicing, etc. for your restaurant. Given the number of options available in the market, choosing a system that can take care of all your management needs can be challenging.

To ease your search for a suitable POS system, we have compiled a checklist that you can consider:

  1. Does it provide comprehensive billing?

All POS systems will provide a basic billing operation, allowing you to keep track of all your sales. However, some POS systems go beyond basic billing and let you record online sales, deliveries, takeaways, mobile sales, etc. Rather than having different systems to track your various revenue streams, it would be efficient to use one system that can keep track of everything. This is one of the features that your POS system must have.

  1. Does it offer Inventory Management Solutions?

One of the key factors of running a successful restaurant depends on how efficiently you monitor your inventory. A POS system that tracks the inventory for you, can make restaurant management much easier. Apart from tracking inventory, there are many systems that also help in maintaining supplier details, tracking ingredient orders, re-order missing items through system generated LPOs, wastage, etc.

  1. Can it provide in-depth reporting and analytics?

It is not feasible to manually track the sales of your restaurant in real-time. This is where your POS system comes into play. A POS system capable of tracking sales in real-time, not just for your restaurant, but for other branches in different areas/ locations as well, can ease your task and lessen your dependency on restaurant managers.

  1. Does it provide integrated marketing & Customer Relationship Management tools?

A POS system that is capable of managing a customer database has become an integral feature for most restaurant owners. From running an integrated SMS/ Email marketing plan to loyalty programs, a POS system can help realize your marketing goals and retain your customers with ease. Make sure to check if your POS system is able to sort customer data as per ordering history and profile.

  1. How efficient is the tech support?

There is nothing worse than having your POS system shut down or malfunction unexpectedly during daily operations, especially at peak hours or on busy days. This is where you will require the assistance of tech support on an urgent basis. You may be able to resolve some of the issues but you may also require to bring in an expert to make sure your systems are up and running seamlessly. To avoid such scenarios, ensure that your POS system provider offers round-the-clock tech support.

The above pointers can help you make a decision about which restaurant POS software to opt for. However, to make a well-informed decision, you should let the experts help you. Ribbon provides bespoke restaurant consulting solutions, including POS system management, ensuring smooth restaurant operations.

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